"Swirls for CataRT" represents a corpus of sounds, imported, segmented, and analysed by CataRT in a 3D space as shapes of "swirls", a sort of spiralling grass that grows according to the analysed sound descriptors. The swirl space can be navigated interactively with the mouse to trigger playing of the units.

The corpus-based concatenative sound synthesis system CataRT plays grains from a large corpus of segmented and descriptor-analysed sounds according to proximity to a target position in the descriptor space. This can be seen as a content-based extension to granular synthesis providing direct access to specific sound characteristics. More information on CataRT : CataRT by Diemo Schwarz, IMTR team, Ircam .

Please note that the development of "Swirls for CataRT" is partly funded by ANR project Topophonie .




Swirls for CataRT uses the following technologies :