We make creative artifacts that empower kids, artists, patients. Since 2005.

We make educative games, mobile apps, art works, exhibitions and we organize training camps for all kinds of venues within the cultural, educative & therapeutic fields.

Our collective brings together a sound designer, a scenographer, an artistic director, a mobile & desktop app maker, two web developers. learn more ↓

Client works & self-edited projects

Immersive exhibition spaces, cardboard interfaces, mobile apps, situated installations, open source software, educative games & creative tools.

Who are we?

Our collective gathers sound designers, scenographers, artistic directors, app makers, web developers & prototypists.

Technologies with a purpose

At heart, we are designers. We make artifacts that empower people. We turn complicated things into accessible, desirable things, for the majority and for the greater good.


Need us to conduct a surprising new exploration? To join in an extraordinary new partnership? Contact us ↓.

Creative tools

One of our main activities has to do with making tools, and giving the chance to non-specialists to realize things they would have never thought they could make by themselves.

Tools for artists, tools for patients, tools to play music, create images, interpret movement, feel better. Tools for small kids, tools for big kids.

Tangible interactions

It's very often that there is no better way, in order to design a creative artifact, than to use tangible interaction principles. As an example, we've created a now famous family of controllers known as the Tapioca Toys.